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Do you want to feel confident in your ability to manage your finances? You can increase your finance knowledge and financial wealth with the Black and Brown Make Green podcast.


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A ground zero approach to building financial wealth and financial freedom. Hosted By: Bradley "DLO" Thomas, Opal Ellyse, and Corey Whitmore.


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The Black Financial Initiative Podcast provides actionable information to better our community financially.


BESE SAKA: Adinkra symbol of affluence, abundance, unity

The Black Girl Budget Podcast focused on the wealth journey of Black women, and goes beyond the numbers in our budgets.

BESE SAKA: Adinkra symbol of affluence, abundance, unity

The Black Girl Fly podcast features two sisters, Tenisha and Tashaunda, who have made a lot of financial mistakes and uncovered tons of myths and truths about “The American Dream” along the way.


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Black Men Sunday offers professional techniques for building generational wealth and general finance tips aided by weekly guest speakers who are professionals in finance. The show is based on a live audience comprised of African American professionals learning new financial techniques.

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Providing insurance agents with tips and tricks that will help their agency grow by offering input, advice and solutions. You know what they say, it takes a village – we’re part of your village. We’re Westfield and we care about your success. So let’s get started.

WOFORO DUA PA A: Adinkra symbol of support, cooperation and encouragement

Young Black Married Christian

We are here for people who have discovered how challenging day-to-day marriage is and are searching for a resource to grow through the process.

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