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 African-American Focused Connection Support Group with Ishaq

NAMI Connection is offering a free support group for African American adults living with a mental illness. This group meets weekly to support attendees, build awareness and understanding, and connect with others in the African American community who face similar challenges. The group and its facilitators offer privacy and confidentiality.


Meetings require a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and registration using an email address. Online meetings are never recorded or posted. We provide a welcoming, safe, judgment-free space to share challenges and successes, and learn from one another.


African American/Black Diaspora +ADHD Peer Support Group

Each of us has a unique ADHD journey, discovering what we have in common brings us together. You don’t have to figure out ADHD on your own, talk to people just like you.

This group provides support to African American adults with ADHD. This is a safe, non-judgmental environment to learn about ADHD, share your experiences, and discover your ADHD strengths.

We provide trustworthy information:

  • Better understand ADHD symptoms

  • Learn proven life strategies, and

  • Discover the current treatment options


Life is complicated.  Living with ADHD only complicates life more. 


Join us for frank discussions on topics such as:

  • Sharing your diagnosis with family

  • Culturally competent mental health services, how to find them

  • Breaking the stigma


Do you have trouble with procrastination? Losing your keys? Forgetting? So do we.


Join us as we support and encourage each other on Monday nights.

Support Groups are open only to ADDA Members. 

Facilitators: Kofi Obeng, Lorri Jenkins & Zay Smith


Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support for Women of African Descent

This support group is dedicated to the needs of women of the African Diaspora that are currently or have gone through treatment for breast or ovarian cancer. Women may join at any time. Registration is required for new participants.

Please note that attendance is reserved for people who have received a cancer diagnosis.


DBSA Black Community Mental Health Support

by Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

National online support groups are hosted by Support Group Central (SGC), a DBSA vendor. Upon registration, you will receive an email from SGC to assist you with managing your account.


DBSA online support groups give people living with depression and bipolar disorder a safe, welcoming place to share experiences, discuss coping skills, and offer each other hope.

Our support groups are led by peers – which means that the person guiding the meeting knows firsthand what it’s like to live with a mood disorder. In addition to our general support groups, we offer specialized groups for:

  • Young adults

  • Military Veterans from all branches of the service

  • People of color

  • DBSA friends, family, and caregivers supporting loved ones with mood disorders

  • People with co-occurring diagnoses of substance use and mood disorders


Kings Corner is a virtual weekly meetup group for men held through Zoom. Each week there is a different topic applicable to men’s mental health issues or struggles, as well as a different qualified host specialized in the topic. We aim to offer the men both psychoeducation and therapeutic tools/resources around issues they may be struggling with.  (Topic Examples: Male Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Stress Management, Anger Management, Self-Care, Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Fatherhood, Healthy Relationships, etc).

This is a safe space that promotes sharing, vulnerability, support, community, and brotherhood amongst the participants. This group is open to Men all over the country and internationally. King’s Corner has also been a great way to collaborate and partner with other professionals and organizations doing applicable and meaningful work in our communities.


Gun Violence Group Therapy (GVGT) will address the mental health of youth and their family members as it relates to the impact of gun violence in Philadelphia by providing educational and clinical resources around grief and how to cope more effectively. The various psycho-education/mental wellness groups will provide opportunities for communities of color to address and heal collective trauma.


Hey there! My name is Ibinye. I’m a Black, immigrant therapist who helps women of color thrive personally and professionally. I know how difficult it is to be constantly mislabeled.

Women of color like you, need a place to relax your shoulders, say it like it is and talk about the pain that has been holding you back.

In this group, you will be seen- no holds barred. I will hear you, I will respect your experiences and I will give you the tools to heal.


Lay Down Your Burdens

Everyone sees you as a strong, responsible woman-the go to woman. On the outside things look calm, but internally, you feel like you’re drowning. You know you should do something for yourself, but you struggle to.

You’ve been misunderstood, judged and you’ve had to fight to get to where you are.

You know you CAN’T give up.


You struggle to open up to your friends, because they don’t always understand. But you want and need support.

I know you’re sick and tired of being the strong woman. You want a place where you can talk about how to move away from survival mode. You want to learn how to manage your feelings and find genuine understanding. You want to be a part of a sisterhood of women who will get you- so you can thrive.

We’ll talk about:

  • Toxic work and family environments.

  • Managing anxiety, stress and lifting your self esteem.

  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships.

  • How to take care of yourself (and we’re not just talking about manicures and massages)

  • How to ask for help

  • Self compassion

  • Managing anxiety and stress




You don’t have to explain anything. You can just be. Prepare to finally be seen.

Mocha Moms, Inc

Local Chapter Participation

Participate in all local chapter events and activities, including mothers' support meetings with topics pertinent to your life, community service projects, moms' night outs, and kids' socials.


Sisterhood and Community

Work in concert with mothers who understand your perspective as a mother of color, who share your experiences, and who will both learn from you and teach you what they know.



Use and develop leadership and management skills by taking a leadership role in your chapter. Chapter leadership offers a wonderful opportunity to use and hone your talents.


Exclusive Access

Members receive invites to exclusive special events, screenings, and activities


Member Bulletins

Receive information-packed bulletins via email with tips, articles, recipes, and news from Mocha Moms, Inc. chapters nationwide.


Online Support

Access to Member's Only Section of Mocha Moms, Inc. website which includes news and information, access to newsletters, photos and communications from chapters around the country, and links.



Reduced rates for participation in all national, regional and state Mocha Moms, Inc. functions.


Community Service Opportunities

Work with other mothers on Community Service initiatives that benefit our communities here and abroad.


Educational Summits

Encourage parents to be strong educational advocates for their children, as well as other children in their communities.


Monday Evening Mental Health Support Group for People of Color

As we listen and learn what our community needs through these trying times, this support group is intended as a closed space designated for BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) where attendees can feel supported without having to explain themselves. This peer support group will provide support for the unique mental health challenges that individuals in this group may be facing. This support group will be run weekly, on an ongoing basis. Please note, that the group is supplemental support and is not a replacement for higher levels of care, therapy, or medical advice.


Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder or your mental health, we believe that with trusted, expert support and community connection, healing is always possible. Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Behavioral Health offers several free support groups led by trained masters-level clinicians for those who need some extra support, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. These groups are available for alumni, community members, and families of loved ones in treatment. 

Only attend one ERC | Pathlight support group per week. We are also capping attendance at 15 people at each virtual support group –support groups are first-come, first-served.


Therapy for Black Girls Sister Circle


A cozy corner of the internet for Black women to BE. Be in community. Be supported. Be yourself!

*The sense of belonging and support you've grown to know and love from the Therapy for Black Girls community.

*Deep Dive on relevant topics with built-in accountability and support.

*Q&A Sessions with Experts from the Therapy for Black Girls Podcast and beyond!

*Connections to members in your area.

*Members-only events.

You should join us if you're a Black woman interested in taking steps to improve your life and develop lasting and healing relationships with other Black women. If you've struggled to find a community that accepts you, supports you, and wants to see you win, look no further, You can sit with us!


Stress & Anxiety Support Group for African Americans

Mental Health conditions do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, or identity. Anyone can experience the challenges of mental illness regardless of their background. However, background and identity can make access to mental health treatment much more difficult.

Lack of information and misconceptions surrounding mental health issues prevent many people of the African American community from getting the help and support they need.

Co-Founded & facilitated by Lorraine Childs, NAMI Durham’s Anxiety & Stress Support Group for African Americans helps participants know that they are not alone. While in attendance, participants are given the opportunity to express feelings without fear of judgment, share experiences, and learn helpful coping skills.

You are invited to meet new friends & develop a new positive support team. Join us!


Women of Color W/ Cancer Patient

Support Group

Our women of color with cancer patient support group provides a safe space to connect with others coping with cancer and is led by an oncology social worker who provides emotional and practical support.

Connect with others in our free, 15-week online support group for women of color diagnosed with cancer and going through active treatment. This group is for any woman who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (BIPOC). In this group led by an oncology social worker, people can share their personal experiences, ways of coping and helpful resources. Online support groups take place using a password-protected message board format (not live chat or video conference).

  • Provides a safe space to discuss lived experiences, marginalization, prejudices, inequality, and healthcare disparities as they relate to the cancer experience

  • Reduces feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and distress

  • Helps you learn new ways of coping

  • Increases feelings of hope and empowerment

  • Provides you with practical information about treatment and resources

  • Helps you communicate better with your medical team and loved ones


To join this group, you will need to complete our online registration process. After joining this password-protected group, you can read and post messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


At this time, CancerCare’s online support groups are only available to people residing within the United States (including Puerto Rico and U.S. territories).


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