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Updated: May 28, 2019

Beauty By Mz Bee Salon Studios (BBMB) is a full service beauty salon dedicated to ensuring that our clients from Atlanta and surrounding city look and feel their best from head to toe. Choose from a range of services for special occasions or as part of a commitment to a regular beauty regimen. Taking care of your hair, skin and nails is not a luxury in today’s fast-paced world, but essential to good health and your general well being.

A Range of Beauty Services To Keep You Looking and Feeling Great

The trained and experienced beauty experts at BBMB offer more than just skill and expertise. Visit our salon for attentive service that is customized according to your particular requirements. Benefit from practical beauty tips from our qualified estheticians, hair and nail specialists. Treat yourself to top quality beauty products at a fully equipped salon offering a range of services.

Nail Services

From the basic manicure, to luxurious foot treatments, select the nail services you need for some extra pampering or only those that meet your everyday basic needs.


A full-service salon, BBMB provides luxurious yet affordable manicures that nourish and strengthen nails naturally.


Customize your pedicure with a range of services provided from our relaxing and comfortable salon.

Gel and Acrylic Nails

One of the most popular choices at our salon, BBMB acrylic nail applications are blended from a mixture of both liquid and powder that creates a durable and protective layer for your natural nails.

Nail art

Energize and brighten nails with designs that are created and applied by the talented team of design experts at BBMB.

Esthetician and Makeup Services

Call or visit our booking link to schedule an appointment to learn more about a range of esthetic services that are customized according to your hair and skin type, personal preferences and unique lifestyle.

Eyelash Extensions

For those who desire to put some lush in your lashes.


Professionally performed facials are similar to a regular fitness regime for your skin. Contact a BBMB expert to learn which facial works for your needs.


Anything from eyebrow and facial waxing to bikini and Brazilian waxing, we guarantee you a smooth canvas. Contact our salon to book an appointment and obtain far more info about the waxing services that we offer at BBMB.


For those occasions where you don’t feel comfortable applying your own makeup, professional makeup applications is a great option.

Eyebrow Tinting

If you have been struggling to define your eyebrows and wish there was an easier, more natural looking solution, eyebrow tinting may be right for you.

Hair Services

Your most valuable fashion accessory and an integral part of your self-image, your hair is on display every day and one of the first things people notice about your appearance. Define your personal style with BBMB hair stylists and color technicians who offer hair services that not only complement your features, but also work well with your particular lifestyle.


For a haircut that truly suits your features and unique style consult with BBMB stylists at our friendly salon for an in-depth consultation to achieve the look that suits you best.Hair Silkening and Styling

Hair Conditioning and Hydration Treatments

BBMB offer multiple ways to reach maximum moisture retention and conditioning. One of our more popular services are our Hydration Treatments executed using a salon hair steamer, a conditioning instrument that protects hair quality, softens and restores moisture to our client’s hair. Steam is used to open up the cuticles of the hair to allow conditioners to penetrate and lock moisture into the hair that helps stop dryness, breakage and split ends, providing proper nutrition absorption by opening up the hair shaft using steam which allows conditioners to infuse each hair strand providing moisture therapy to the hair. Other benefits: Promotes healthy hair, Helps removes dandruff, Helps penetrate and add moisture to hair color processes, Opens up hair cuticle to help hair to grown faster, and Restores moisture 5x’s than normal conditioning process.

Hair Styling

Offering the latest style trends and hair designs combined with the dependable efficiency required to maintain and manage a day to day look that suits your lifestyle, our friendly and professional staff offer reliable services according to the specific needs of our clientele.

Hair Color

Place your confidence in the talented hair colorists at BBMB to provide professional expertise from our salon. Our style experts offer the latest products that leave your hair conditioned, fresh, and superbly shiny.

Hair Extensions and Weaves

If changing your hair color or getting a new cut is just not enough, consider hair extensions or weave for a dramatic and glamorous way to give your appearance a boost.

Hair Relaxer

Achieve the sleek and smooth look you’ve always wanted with a professional BBMB relaxer treatment that leaves hair shiny, silky and straight.

Men’s Haircut and Grooming Services

BBMB offers classic and contemporary cuts and styles for men who understand the importance of good grooming for not only special occasions but for feeling good every day.

Bridal Service

At BBMB, we want to alleviate the stress for you by offering our unique and high quality bridal hair and makeup services to you on your wedding day. BBMB specializes in making brides look their very best with specific bridal hair styling techniques, superior hair care products and quality creative expertise. Special Event/Wedding/Pageant Packages:

Bride Hair and Makeup (Eyelash extension incl.) - $150 Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup (Eyelash extension incl.) - $100 (each) Flower girls - $50 Hair only or Make up only (Eyelash extension incl.) - $50 Pageants - $100 + $75 per stage/outfit change Model/Celebrity Editorial Makeup - $70 *10% Discount on parties up to 5* *15% Discount on parties of 6+*Special Event/Wedding/Pageant Deposit Information:

BBMB requires that all parties pay a 15% deposit to secure and book your desired event date. Once your deposit is received, you will get a confirmation email confirming your event date has been booked. Payments made in personal check form will not receive a confirmation email until the check has cleared. Deposit checks should be made payable to Bianca V. Lee. Acceptable forms of payment for deposits are as follows: Cash, Personal checks, Debit/Credit. BBMB WILL NOT accept personal checks on the day of the event. Acceptable forms of payment for the day of the event are as follows: Cash, Debit/Credit.

An additional travel fee is required if commute is needed: $40 (If traveling 30miles) $60 (If traveling 50miles) $2.50 per mile (if traveling over 50miles).

*Travel fee is waived for parties of 5 or more*

Gratuity is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

For all other services, please, contact BBMB directly to discuss specific needs.

Come and Rejuvenate Yourself at our Salon

It is important that every once and a while you take time for yourself. We live in a fast-paced world that demands our attention whether it is work, family life or personal health. It can be hard to find the time to slow down and let yourself enjoy the moment.

BBMB exists so that individuals can take a little time for themselves. Even just a simple hair styling session will give you an opportunity to focus on yourself for a bit.

The Benefits of Going to a Salon

Salons can do far more for a person than just give them nice hair, makeup and beautiful nails.


Taking a little time to improve your appearance has a direct effect on one’s mental state. If you feel good about your appearance you gain endorphins and self-confidence. Being happy with yourself not only affects your mood but also your health. Just think about it, if you have been sick for a few days and then you take a shower, put on a little makeup and style your hair, even if you are not going to leave your home, it does make you feel better. This in turn relaxes the body and lets you rest more effectively to fight off whatever virus or bug you have.

Reduce Stress

Going to a salon allows you to focus on yourself and forget about the outside world while you receive some pampering. Giving yourself a mental break is extremely important if you wish to remain productive and happy. Our technicians understand that many of our clients come for both beautification and down time. We always make an effort to create a relaxing atmosphere for our clients; a place that they can de-stress and decompress, even if only for a little while.


Our salon has a variety of different services. Thus, we can help you express yourself in many different ways. Having a personal sense of style that you can display to the world allows you to feel more like the unique individual you are.

Make a Change

One of the greatest ideas in western culture is that you get to reinvent yourself. If you are looking to change yourself, changing it up at the salon is a wonderful place to start. If you are looking to switch it up a bit, perhaps you want to be more assertive in your life, then getting a different hair style or shifting the color of nail polish can help. It can be a reminder of what you want every time you look in the mirror or every time you look at your nails. It also indicates to others that you are different from what you looked like before, and are making changes in your life.

A Passion for Beautification

We are dedicated to providing services that not only improve your outward appearance but also create an environment where our clients can improve their wellbeing. We can help you with your personal style but when we help someone feel more beautiful and confident on the inside, that is when we know we have done a great job.

Every client is GUARANTEED to leave this experience fully satisfied and fully refreshed. They won't just look beautiful...They will BEE beautiful! Come on in, love...There's a warm seat of welcome awaiting you...♥

Beauty by Mz. Bee™ Salon Studios 4651 Flat Shoals Road Suite 6B Union City, GA 30291

Call/Text: 708.762.6447

For Scheduling:

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