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Jasmine Petty is the owner of Earth To Nani, LLC. She brings holistic gynecology solutions to women and men who seek alternatives from big pharma. She is a certified Yoni Steam Practitioner and certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator licensed in the state of Alabama. Jasmine uses a careful selection of herbs to provide yoni (vaginal) steams and lingam (penis) soaks for those seeking guidance on symptoms related, but not limited to: 👎🏽BACTERIA/ YEAST 👎🏽FIBROIDS/CYSTS 👎🏽ENDOMETRIOSIS 👎🏽INFERTILITY 👎🏽IRREGULAR CYCLES/PMS 👎🏽ODOR 👎🏽DRYNESS 👎🏽PRE/POST MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS 👎🏽STD/STI

She can host a location for services and mobile services at any time as long as you make an appointment. Her passion about healing give women hope for things like infertility when science has failed them.

✔Let Earth to Nani be your second opinion when doctors tell you there's no hope. ✔Let Earth to Nani heal you when they say they just don't know or they're all out of options. ✔Seek Earth to Nani before you're faced with giving up your childbearing organs!



Monthly Lingham TreatmentDuration varies • $195

Weekly Treatment

Steam PartyDuration varies • $60/person* (Min. Of 5)

Includes Wine and Hors D'oeuvres

Monthly Vaginal TreatmentDuration varies • $130

3 Steam treatments during non-menstruation

Lingham TreatmentDuration varies • $50

Male steam or soaking treatment

Vaginal Steam TreatmentDuration varies • $45

A gentle, holistic approach to vaginal cleansing

Jasmine Petty

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